Q8. What other payments do I make apart from the payment for the land?

Ans: The payment for land covers: land, provision of stated infrastructure, as well as Omo-onile pre-agreed customary fees/charges as a protection of our subscribers from their possible antics. NOTE:  The payment does not include the following which shall become payable as indicated: Individual plot Survey and Documentation (N650,000, but subject to review) Perfection of the Deed of Assignment; when the subscriber decides to perfect title with appropriate State Government Authority Annual Estate Service & Maintenance fee; this becomes payable 12months after physical allocation of plot to subscriber. Plot Maintenance Fee (N1,000). This applies only to a subscriber that is not coming forward to fulfill the requirements for allocation after paying for the plot(s).  It becomes due and starts to accrue 12months after the completion of payment for plot (i.e the 13th month) till the client steps forward and fulfills all the necessary conditions for allocation.  When necessary payments for allocation are to be made, arrears of Plot Maintenance Fees will have to be paid first.