About us


Team Spirit
• Integrity
• Innovation
• Professionalism
• Service


"To provide Real Estate solutions, leveraging on technology to optimize value to all stakeholders”


“To be one of the five leading real estate companies in Nigeria”

Realty Point Limited is a Company of People Committed to:

• Customer centric, quick and efficient service delivery, proactive feedback
• Problem solving, job ownership, zeal, drive, passion, commitment
• Creativity, breaking new grounds, originality
• Uprightness, high ethics, above board, exemplary
• Effective communication, relationship building, motivation, capacity building
• Dedicated team players, brand loyalty, working together

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Who We are

Discriminating Competencies

We want to be known as the real estate company of highly competent, resilient and committed people known for timely and professional delivery of projects
• R – Responsibility
• E – Entrepreneurship
• A – Achievability
• L – Loyalty
• T – Timeliness
• Y – Yield Ability


Harbour Estate Lokowe – Lekki

The most likely cause is that prior to these profitable runs, was a period of mechanical-strategy-drawdown. Time and time again we see this pattern. The strategies have a short period of drawdown and everyone freaks out! So they quit, take a break, find another strategy, change their strategy or start skipping trades that don’t “feel good”. This is the WORST thing you can do when learning to trade a mechanical strategy.


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