Kindly find below Estate Management Unit services provided.

Scope of Services provided by Realty Points Sales Limited Estate and Property Management Section

Realty Point Limited will arrange real estate transaction putting buyers and sellers together and act as their representatives in negotiations. Also, source for tenants with impeccable pedigree to occupy the property taking cognisance of the prospective tenant’s character, income stability, living habits and compatibility with co-tenants in terms of social class and responsibilities among other things.


Our experienced and committed team manages commercial, residential and industrial properties of every type and size. Management encompasses all aspects of routine day to day, month to month and year to year services including but not limited to tenants’ selection, collection of rents, services charge administration, insurance, enforcing Landlord and tenant’s obligations and other lease covenants, the supervision of service and maintenance contracts and the implementation of rent reviews and lease renewals. Our Estate Surveyors would also advise on planned schedules of maintenance and building improvements, ensuring landlords are kept appraised of likely future expenditures.

In addition, we provide unparalled facility management services including but not limited to the employment of personnel, advising on what facilities to be used, advising on the cost and benefits of options available and deployment of skills in managing the facility while achieving tenants’ satisfaction, minimising cost and maximising profit for the landlord.

  • Maintenance of the building structure, we shall promptly handle all structural repairs whenever required. Generally, such repairs include rectification of roof leakages, periodic decoration e.g. painting, replacement of broken pipes etc. Other building parts that require repairs / maintenance include doors, cleaning of drain pipes, electrical repairs, fire fighting equipment, water pump repairs etc.
  • Staff employment: We shall ensure that the staff carry out their jobs diligently. We shall conduct unscheduled and spontaneous inspections at intervals to keep the staff on their toes. For this property, the following staff will be required; security guards (night and day shifts) as well as, gardener / cleaner for maintenance of common parts. We shall equally co-ordinate the employment of the above staff, arrange for the payment of salaries, provide necessary work tools etc.
  • Work Staff: At the moment, we have several well tested artisans who work for the organisation on contract basis. This technical staff includes plumbers, carpenters, masons, painters, electricians etc.
  • Technical Jobs: We also have reputable companies whom we recommend and retain jobs such as borehole installation, facade cleaning, security systems, cable systems etc.
  • Service Charge Administration: For multi tenanted serviced properties, the standard practice is the application of annual service charge, being an estimate of the cost of running all services within a service year. These services include but not limited to:
  1. Providing security for the premises
  2. The cleaning and lighting of the common parts
  3. Cleaning and dislodging of the septic tank and soak away pits
  4. Maintenance of pumping machines and other external equipment
  5. Maintenance of parking spaces and gardening.


  • Feasibility and Viability Report
  • Real Estate Advisory Roles
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Title Documentation