Q31. How can I see the place?

Ans: 3 ways really; 1st- We conduct site inspections on appointment only from Tuesdays – Saturdays (except on Environmental Sanitation Saturdays) and leave from the front of Mayfair Garden by 12noon or any other time as may be agreed when you call. 2nd – your contact person/Agent can take you there at an agreeable time between the two of you. 3rd – Otherwise you can do virtual tour, especially if you stay outside of the country. Check the websitewww.realtypointltd.com You can call any of our office numbers to register your interest for inspection and get the movement details. Prospects that drive are encouraged to come in their vehicles to reduce pressure on the one(s) to be provided by the company. Note, the road is very motorable all season as it is tarred to the point you branch to the site.