Q26. Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

Yes. The Layout Scheme is designed such that allotees have to take possession of their plots within not more than 3months of the allocation, otherwise, unpossessed lands after 3months of allocation stand revoked and shall be re-allocated. RPL does not plan to remain on the Layout Scheme as the Administrator beyond the initial intension. Possession for this purpose is defined as at least an 8” – 9” coaches of sandcrete block perimeter fence and gate or commencement of your building construction work. To therefore aid development and maintain healthy value appreciation, allocated subscribers are encouraged to start construction immediately. They can start the fence work around the perimeter of their property or the foundation work of the main construction. RPL and other company in our group shall be there to give every support and encouragement we can to facilitate speedy development of the estate.