Q15. When will my plot(s) be allocated to me?

Ans: Paper Allocation (Provisional) will be done immediately all the payments are made subject the any other condition of allocation agreed and imposed by the CDA. Once the subscriber indicates deliberate intention to commence construction work on site, a sketch survey of his/her plot is prepared and issued for preliminary construction work to commence. Once progress of work is established, physical allocation with copies of original survey plans are issued on a scheduled day after the plot size reconciliation and all settlements. This is intended to drive development and value creation in the estate while ensuring that it is only as subscribers are ready for construction that they apply for allocation. It is strictly an attempt to ensure that development in the estate is in a systematic way such as will enhance the value of investment within the estate for all. Oversubscription is being guided against and every subscriber who pays up on his/her subscription shall be allocated within the estate. Physical allocation will be done in batches; subscribers will be notified. However, note that possession and occupation of the plot(s) shall be deemed to have commenced from the date fixed for handover and all risks and benefits in respect of the property shall pass to the purchaser.