Q13. When will my (plots) be allocated to me?

Ans: Physical allocation will take place after completion of payment for Land, Documentation, Survey, Development Levy Deposit and a standing order for the Development Levy Balance. The company shall identify the plot to be allocated and issue the subscriber a Sketch Survey. Upon receipt of the Sketch Survey, the subscriber is expected to move to site and take possession by commencing construction work, the least of which has to be perimeter fencing of the plot with gate within 2months of getting the sketch survey. It is the commencement of work within the 2months that will activate the issuance of the original Survey, Declaration of Deed Restrictive Covenant, Estate Management Agreement and the Allocation Letter. It is strictly an attempt to ensure development in the estate is in a systematic way such as will enhance value of investment within the estate for all. Over subscription is being guided against and every subscriber who pays up on his/her subscription shall be allocated within the estate. Subscribers are encouraged to buy their sandcrete building blocks from Realty Point Ltd.