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FAQs - Prime Estates Abuja

1: Where is Prime Estate “Abuja”?
Ans: P. E “Abuja” is along New Karshi Road but can also be accessed through Abuja- Keffi Road within the easy access of Abuja Boundary (Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa) widely referred to as Abuja Extension.

2. What are the names of other estates and institutions within 3KM radius of Prime Estate “Abuja”?
Ans: PE “Abuja”: Close proximity to Goshen City (Winners Chapel), Bingham University, Redeemed Camp Ground, FRSC Estate, Deeper Life Camp Ground, Proposed site for Matthew Ashimolowo University, Catholic Church University, Royal Court Estate, etc.

3. Who is the developer of Prime Estate “Abuja”?
Ans: Realty Point Limited.

4: What is the price per plot for residential and commercial plots respectively?


  N892,500 per plot (Outright payment)


  N1,050,000 per plot payable in 21equal monthly installments of


  N1,260,000 per plot payable in 36 equal monthly installments of

  Please note that a corner piece attracts an extra charge of N100, 000 (One Hundred
  Thousand Naira).


5. What is the size of residential/commercial plot?
Ans: We have 2 sizes and they are approximately 650sqm and 450sqm for residential while commercial plot sizes are as indicated in the approved layout. When allocated, account between RPL and the subscriber will be reconciled as to the actual size of the allocated plot(s). Where allocated plot is less than 650sqm or 450sqm, RPL will credit client’s account with the differential at the rate of purchase and vice versa.

6. Any special infrastructure?
Ans: Green Parks, Police/Security Post. These are to be maintained by RPL or its assignee on behalf of the residents.

7. Is there any encumbrance on the landed properties?
Ans: The landed property is free from every known government acquisition and no adverse claimant.

8. What types of infrastructure will the developer provide?
Ans: Perimeter fencing, earth road, transformer and connection to the national grid, 2 boreholes randomly sited to assist during construction.

9. What infrastructure will the developer not provide with the purchase price?
Ans: Electric poles and strings, piped water system, drainage and road network.

10. How will increase in price affect subscribers?
Ans: Increase in price will not affect existing subscribers in any way except if/when they default in their installmental payments or want to subscribe to additional plot(s).

11. What other payments do I make apart from the payment for the land ?
1. Legal Documentation Fee: 3% of sales value but not less than N20,000
2. Survey Fee: N90,000.00 per plot
3. Development Levy Deposit: N1,200 per sqm
4. Plot Maintenance Fee: N1,000 monthly

Thereafter, Estate Services & maintenance Fee becomes payable per annum 12months after allocation.

This applies only to a subscriber that is not coming forward to fulfill the requirements for allocation after paying for the plot(s).  It becomes due and starts to accrue 12months after the completion of payment for plot (i.e the 13th month) till the client steps forward and fulfills all the necessary conditions for allocation.  When necessary payments for allocation are to be made, arrears of Plot Maintenance Fees will have to be paid first.

a. Kindly note that the fees stated above are subject to review.
b. Where review of any fee takes place before a subscriber completes such payment, the reviewed amount is what becomes payable by the subscriber.

12. What do you mean by Development Levy?
Ans: Development Levy is the amount payable for infrastructural development in the estate. It is determined on a per square metre basis so that the amount payable by a subscriber is directly proportional to the actual size of the plot(s) allocated.

13. What is the Development Levy used for?
Ans: Provision of drainage, electric poles and strings for the distribution of power, water and road network.

14. When do I pay Development Levy?
Ans: The development levy is expected to be paid as follows:-

  1. N1200 per sqm x 650sqm/450sqm x (the no of plots) will be due for payment along with survey fee after completion of payment of land and documentation before paper allocation.
  2. The difference (credit to the subscriber if allocated plot is less than 650sqm/450sqm and debit his/her account if it is more than 650sqm/450sqm) must be paid before physical allocation of plot(s).

15. When will my plot(s) be allocated to me?
Ans: Paper allocation will take place after completion of payment for land, documentation, Survey and Development levy deposit. Physical allocation takes place after all necessary payments have been made and account reconciled between both parties as regards size of plot(s) allocated.

i. Kindly note that the fees and levy stated above are subject to review.
ii. Where review of either the fee or levy takes place before a subscriber completes such fee/levy payment, the reviewed amount is what becomes payable by such subscriber.

16. Can I start construction or building on the land now?
Ans: Yes, you can start building on the land immediately after physical allocation and payment of the stipulated development levy.

17. What do I get after completion of payments for the land, document and survey?
Ans: Receipt(s), Welcome letter, Deed of Contract, Congratulatory Letter, Letter of Allocation, Estate Covenants, Survey Plan and Land Handover Certificate/Deed of Sublease/Assignment.

18. Does Realty Point Ltd have Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)?
Ans: We have the Purchase Agreement, Land Perimeter Survey, Land Topography Survey, Site Layout, Right of Occupancy(R of O) on the land and the Certificate of Occupancy(C of O) is in process

19. What about Omo-oniles?
Ans: You will not have any nexus with omo-oniles. No omo-onile wahala.

20. What title would I get eventually?
Ans: Deed of Assignment of the unexpired term of the root title subject to terms and conditions as the Government may determine from time to time including fees to be paid accordingly as would be advised.

21. What happens if I cannot complete payment or default in the payment of the monthly subscription?
 If your land is revoked due to none or irregular payment of your subscription or you indicated your interest at discontinuing the transaction, refund is subject to resale of your plot and you get your contribution less cost of Deed of Contract N10,000 per plot and 30% administrative charge (effective from May 15, 2013). Kindly note that these charges are subject to review. This is because this project is patterned after joint ventures.

22. Can I pay a deposit and pay balance anytime within the duration of tenure chosen (e.g. 2, 3, 6, 12 months, etc)?
Ans: After the payment of the initial deposit you are expected to pay the balance monthly. Non-payment monthly as at when due will be treated as fundamental breach of contract which can result to termination or revocation of contract. The developer is not required to put you on notice in this case and this is subject to appropriate deductions.

23. Does Realty Point Limited charge interest on the balance of payment?
Ans: No, the transaction is interest free for active subscriptions within the agreed term.

24. Are the roads to the estates good and motorable even during raining season?
Ans: Yes.

25. Is there any restriction as to the type of building I can have?
Ans: Yes, you are limited to building residential houses (proto type design of what can be built in the estate is available at our office on demand) within the area designated as residential and commercial structures in areas designated as commercial. Provision of shops in residential houses and building of tenement house type (popularly known as FACE-ME-I-FACE-YOU) is not permitted. Due to government regulations and the need to keep to approved layout and building plans, building shall be strictly as we have it in the prototype.

26. Can RPL build for clients?
Ans: Yes, RPL is very willing and positioned to construct for clients. We would be your preferred construction company/contractor because the fact that we are on ground and have multiple units we will be handling gives us great economy of scale that make our pricing difficult to beat by any outside builder except he will compromise with quality.

RPL shall also be your best source for quality building materials for your construction activities.

27. What will be the construction cost of the proto-type housing unit if RPL were to construct for any interested subscriber
Ans: The Proto-type unit can be constructed on a subscriber’s land for N10m (subject to payment terms and conditions). Kindly note that this is subject to review without notice. Therefore, interested subscribers are encouraged to contact the office for current construction price at any time. 

28. Are there housing units for sale within the same estate?
Yes, housing units of 3bedroom fully detached bungalow with an attached 1 room boy’s quarters (the proto-type) are available for sale to interested subscribers who may not want to go through the other process of first buying land and then building the same proto-type unit. Each housing unit will be built on 450sqm of land.

29. What is the selling price and available payment terms for the housing units
Ans: The housing unit currently sells for N11.5m inclusive of all cost except the legal fee of N100,000. Kindly note that the price is subject to review without notice. Therefore, prospective subscribers are encouraged to contact the office for current selling price and/or availability of this unit at any time.

Possible payment terms:

  • 20% initial deposit and balance spread over 12 equal monthly installments.
  • One –off payment and/or group of 5 buyers upward attracts 2.5% discount
  • 20% down Payment and Mortgage for qualified prospects (regular mortgage or NHF)
  • Others as may be discussed and agreed upon.

30. Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?
Ans: 18 months after allocation for at least fence and gate and after another 5 years for structural development, making a total of 6 years and 6 months grace period after allocation.

31. What about Estate maintenance fees and levies
Ans: RPL’s Estate management team shall provide services which include security, waste disposal and sanitation, parks & garden among others for which service charge is payable by occupier or land owner for unoccupied/undeveloped/developing plots after 18months of physical allocation.  

32. Can I resell my plot/property?
Ans: Realty Point Limited can assist subscribers who have paid up on their land to get a buyer or they can come up with a buyer themselves, whichever comes first. A charge of 15% (agency fee) is deducted from purchase/selling/current price if RPL brought the new buyer. Note that transfer fee is also payable by either of the parties (seller or buyer).

33. Will Realty Point Limited assists subscribers in accessing National Housing Fund (NHF) loan?
Ans: Yes, Realty Point Limited has Mortgage Institutions that are ready to partner with us in providing NHF and other Mortgage loan for subscribers.

34. What is the sequence of event in this transaction?

  • Payment for land
  • Payment for documentation
  • Letter acknowledging full payment for land and reserving the equivalent of plot(s) paid for within the concerned estate
  • Survey and development deposit payment
  • Allocation by letter
  • Reconciliation of  development levy payable and final settlement/payment
  • Physical allocation
  • Payment of all statutory fee like Building Plan Approval, etc
  • Commencement of construction activities
  • Completion of your housing unit
  • Occupation, management and maintenance

35. What is the process for the transfer (or change of name) of ownership of the property?
Ans: We recognize that buyers may need to sell their purchase for varying reasons. However, due to the administrative and legal issues required in the proper transfer of these purchases, we would only honour transfers once full payment for land has been made.

Both buyers (existing & intending) have to complete our Property Unit Transfer Form after which title documents and a Purchase Agreement can be issued to the new owner (buyer).   

Plot ownership verification, an exercise which should take place in writing and in our office by the new buyer with the consent of the original buyer(seller now) attracts N1,000 fee.

A non-refundable Transfer Fee of N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira only) per unit is payable before the Property Transfer Form can be treated.

Please note that the transfer fee is subject to review.

36. Which of RPL’s Bank account(s) is(are) designated for this project?
Ans: GTBank, Account Name: RPL-Abuja, Account #: 0007754767
          Zenith Bank Plc, Account Name: RPL- Abuja, Account #: 1012720351

37. Any other thing to note when making payments into any of these?
Ans: Always ensure that at the bank you indicate your name as we have it in our records as the depositor even if/when you send someone else to the bank. This will help our internal accounting process.
One more very important thing please;
Also, we expect that you will send in your payment details via any of the following ways:

Log on to www.primeestatesng.com, sign on as a subscriber, click on give payment details and fill the form appropriately.
Scan the deposit slip you paid within the bank to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Send your copy of the deposit slip to our office
You will get notified as soon as we credit your Prime Estate “Abuja” land subscription account with us.

38. How can I see the place?
Ans: We conduct inspection to site anytime of the week but regularly on Saturdays from 10am. Kindly call any of these lines for site inspection arrangement 08091425914, 08059837903.

39. Can I pay cash to your Agent?
Ans: While we are not discrediting anybody, we strongly advise that cash should be paid to REALTY POINT LIMITED designated bank accounts ONLY. Otherwise, cheques should be issued in favour of REALTY POINT LIMITED only. Please note that the management of REALTY POINT LIMITED accepts no responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction.

40. Can there be changes and/or amendment to this offering as it is presently known?
Ans: The real estate industry just like most others is a dynamic industry and as such things get to change from time to time most especially for the better. However any change, amendment or modification shall be communicated and endorsed by REALTY POINT LIMITED. Such communication shall be via letters, electronic mails, fax, short message service (SMS), handbills, posters and any other means of communication. The correspondence shall be deemed to have been received by the client having been sent by REALTY POINT LIMITED.



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