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Debo Adejana Mentorship Program (DAMP)


Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping people to progress in their careers and is becoming increasing popular as its potential is realized. It is a partnership between two people (mentor and mentee) normally working in a similar field or sharing similar experiences. It is a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.

Who is a MENTOR?
A mentor is a guide who can help the mentee to find the right direction and who can help them to develop solutions to career issues. Mentors rely upon having had similar experiences to gain an empathy with the mentee and an understanding of their issues. Mentoring provides the mentee with an opportunity to think about career options and progress.

A mentor should help the mentee to believe in herself and boost her confidence. A mentor should ask questions and challenge, while providing guidance and encouragement. Mentoring allows the mentee to explore new ideas in confidence. It is a chance to look more closely at yourself, your issues, opportunities and what you want in life. Mentoring is about becoming more self-aware, taking responsibility for your life and directing your life in the direction you decide, rather than leaving it to chance.

The Debo Adejana Mentoring programme is divided into 2 categories. The first is the free (come one come all category) and the second is the paying category.

DeboAdejana’s commitment to the Free category is as follows:
·  Meeting as a group once every quarter at the Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar
·  Book a special appointment with Debo once in a year, as time permits.
·  A copy of any DeboAdejana’s book shall be available to mentees at a discount.
·  Subscription to NREH’s free monthly newsletter where you can have further access to DeboAdejana’s online materials.
·  Free access to Debo Adejana social media channels to ask direct questions, and get answers as time permits.
·  You get an exclusive option to buy Debo Adejana Mentorship CD.

Paid Category
Under this category, you will be required to fill a form which you will come with to the first meeting with Debo Adejana. You will also be required to buy the Debo Adejana Mentorship CD

·  Meeting as a group once every quarter at the Debo Adejana Real Estate Seminar
· Topical business and/or real estate issue for discussion
· Project review session
· Access to DeboAdejana’s support system during business development and project execution
· Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences
· Quarterly one-on-one meeting with every member of the paid mentorship forum
· A copy of any DeboAdejana’s book published during the year shall be available to the members for free
· Subscription to NREH’s free monthly seminar
· Access to expert advice when needed. Access to a top-flight team of mortgage brokers, bankers, agents, escrow officers, lawyers, contractors, accountants, investors, insurance brokers, and other specialists in the course of the mentorship.
· Access to DeboAdejana’s Online Mentoring Group (BBM GROUP)

The paying category is a closed forum with a cap on the number of people that can be part of it for quality interaction, effective benefit and participation. Membership renewal is annual and although annual payments will be required, non performing members of the paying forum shall be disqualified from renewing their membership and new members can/shall be admitted in their stead.

Our monthly sessions allow both categories to attend. It will not just be seminars or workshop, it will also be taking on the nitty-gritty of general business and real estate opportunities, challenges, strategies and much more!

Whenever possible, there may be investment opportunity we can analyze and jointly carry out periodically.

PAID MENTORSHIP FEE N60, 000 for the first year. Renewal after the first year shall be at N30,000 per annum. This is subject to review as we proceed.

To register, send details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | or call 08093930651, 08113150125

All payments should be made to:  GTBank  Account  No. 0007754736 (Realty Point Limited)

Please text the following details after payment; your full name, email, teller number and date of lodgementto  0809393065 1  and tag it “Mentorship Forum”

Sessions: Third Saturday of every FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST and NOVEMBER.
Time: 12noon- 3p.m
Venue: Realty Point Group Seminar Facility.



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