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Roseberry Estates - Agbara

Roseberry Estate Is located in Ado near Agbara (Igbesa), off Atan Road, off Lagos-Badagry Expressway within about 10minutes drive from Crawford University. The landed properties are free from every known government acquisition and no adverse claimant.

Other Estates around Roseberry are: Prime Estate, Ogun State/Chinese Free Trade Zone, Agbara Industrial & Residential Estates, Opic Estate, Multinational Companies (e.g Smithclime Beecham, Lever Brothers, Nestle, Vitamalt, e.t.c) Crawford University, Gateway Polytechnic, Covenant University, Ronik Polytechnic Permanent Site, Vitamalt Staff Co-operative Estate, etc

Size of residential are: Approximately 648 square metres or 60ft x 120ft or 18 metres x 36 metres for residential. When allocated, account between RPL and the subscriber will be reconciled as to the actual size of the allocated plot(s). Where allocated plot is less than 648sqm, RPL will credit client’s account with the differential at the rate of purchase and vice versa. This is based on the understanding that plots throughout the expanse of land after sub-division cannot each be exactly 648sqm.


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